Postdoc Management

Funding Program

1.Postdoctoral innovation talent support program

Postdoctoral innovative talents support program (hereinafter referred to as "Boxin Plan") combined with the national laboratories and other key scientific research bases, aimed at major national strategy, strategic high and new technology and basic science frontiers. Through procedures of personal declaration, recommendation, expert evaluation, we are intended to conduct optimal selection of a batch of fresh or newly graduated Dr Good and specially fund the work in the postdoctoral research in order to speed up cultivating a group of the international first-class creative talents.
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2.Postdoctoral support plan

In order to further improve the quality of postdoctoral training to promote our university postdoctoral work development and accelerate training a large number of strategic with international vision, innovative compound and high-end talent, "Tsinghua University postdoctoral support plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "support plan") is established. A certain amount of funding is given to the selected, which is generally funded for two years.
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3.Outstanding postdoctoral fund of the Joint Center of Life Science

Presently the Joint Center of Life Science establishes postdoctoral fund, relying on tsinghua university and Beijing university’s life science and related interdisciplinary laboratories so as to provide internationally competitive outstanding postdoctoral special funding.
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4.High precision center postdoctoral "Outstanding Scholar" project

The "Outstanding Scholar" project candidates will participate in or be responsible for the specific research projects established by the center under the joint guidance of several high-precision center PI. The project candidate needs to meet the basic requirements of postdoctoral students, and the project will take two phases(The project will take two years every phase) at most. At the end of the term, the outstanding person can apply to join the center and become a long-term senior researcher of the center related project.
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5.China postdoctoral fund

The China Postdoctoral Science Foundation was initiated by Mr. Li Zhengdao and decided by Comrade Deng Xiaoping in 1985. It is a national research fund established specifically for postdoctoral researchers at the station. It aims to promote outstanding postdoctoral researchers with development potential and innovative ability to carry out their missions during their stay. Innovative research, training and fostering a high-level innovative post-doctoral talent team. Types of funding are:
i Superficial funding
      Superficial funding is the initiation of scientific research or supplementary funding for post-doctoral researchers to engage in independent innovation research during their stay. After the expert communication appraisal, the target of funding is determined. The subsidy standards are divided into two equals: first-class 80,000 yuan and second-grade 50,000 yuan.
ii Special funding
      The special funding is to encourage postdoctoral researchers to enhance their research and innovation capabilities and to fund some of the outstanding postdoctoral researchers. After two rounds of appraisal, the expert appraisal and the meeting appraisal confirm the target of funding. The funding standard is 150,000 yuan.
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6.Postdoctoral International Exchange Programs and Academic Exchange Projects

i Postdoctoral international exchange plan dispatch project
      The postdoctoral international exchange program will fund excellent post-doctoral researchers and new doctoral graduates who are planning to get in the postdoctoral station to enter excellent universities, research institutes and enterprises in the superior areas outside the country to conduct postdoctoral research. The subsidy is RMB 300,000 per person, which is mainly used to cover the living expenses, housing subsidies, social insurance, and round-trip travel expenses during post-doctoral research, while the rest of the subsidy is paid by the receiving agency or co-supervisor outside the country.
ii Postdoctoral international exchange program academic exchange program
      Postdoctoral international exchange program academic exchange program funds excellent postdoctoral researchers to station abroad to carry out academic exchange activities. The funding for this project is 30,000 yuan per person, which is mainly used for transportation, accommodation, and conference fees for academic exchange activities overseas.
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7.Xiangjiang scholars program

The Xiangjiang Scholars Program sends a mainland doctor to a Hong Kong-designated university each year . Under the guidance of a Hong Kong-based cooperative instructor, it conducts post-doctoral studies as a contract researcher at Hong Kong University for a period of two years. The funding for the project is 300,000 yuan per person and 300,000 Hong Kong dollars per person. It is mainly used to pay for living expenses, housing subsidies, research grants, social insurance and round-trip travel expenses.
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8.Sino-German Postdoctoral Exchange Program

The Sino-German Postdoctoral Exchange Project has selected outstanding young researchers who have recently received doctoral degrees to conduct post-doctoral research in Germany. The young scientists who have recently obtained a Ph.D. degree in China have been awarded joint training for post-doctoral work at the German Electroacoustic Accelerator Research Center under the Helmholtz Association in Germany and at the Ulrich Research Center in Germany. The number of sponsoring persons is 50 or less, and the exchange period is 2 years. China provides 300,000 yuan per person for funding. The German research center provides a scholarship of 1,500 euros per person per month for subsistence allowance, health and accidental injury insurance, and research, travel expenses.
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