Postdoc Management



The applicant contacts with a cooperative tutor who has similar research direction and conducts expert panel interview.

2.Physical examination

After passing the interview with the expert group, contact the college postdoctoral management teacher for physical examination.

3.Online information filling

Land China Postdoctoral Website and enter the module of postdoctoral station.Register to fill in personal information and send resume.

      i Use Internet explorer and select compatibility mode.
      ii The doctoral students who graduate from the original university need to enter different first-level disciplines.The secondary discipline should be accurate.(Inform the college postdoctoral supervisor about this situation.)
      iii You can only fill in a co-mentor.(Fill in two cooperation mentors if the cooperation supervisor is non-full-time teachers.)
      iv The check list of the incoming station shall be signed by hand, and the seal shall be valid for the current month.The attachment for the uploaded check list, id card, degree certificate and resignation certificate should be scanned copy of color original.
      v The applicant's id number, the address of the current account and the information of the police station, the account information shall be checked with the photocopy of the household register: Registered permanent residence in our school's "location address" shall be filled in: haidian district qinghuayuan No.1".The residence registration authority (police station) : zhongguancun police station.
      vi The study experience and work experience need to be continuous. The time should be filled in the Arabic numerals and do not write "till now".
      vii All fields should be complete and accurate.
      viii Scientific research projects and papers during the doctoral period must be filled in.

4.Submit paper material

Medical examination and China's postdoctoral website station information institute being approved,you can submit paper materials. The material list is on the website of the appropriate preparation material according to your postdoctoral type.
      Note:The paper materials should be submitted before the 25th day of each month. If you submit this month,the arrival notice will be delivered to the next month or so.In case of holidays, the arrival time is postponed.

5.Postdoctoral stantion entrance

After the approval of the state, the tutor should pay the training funds.After that, according to the arrival notice issued by the school,complete the procedures (handling work permit, bank card and other matters) to complete the process.

      i Inbound materials will not be recieved in January and July. (February and August are the school winter and summer vacation time when there is no centralized handling of inbound)
      ii In order to guarantee the fresh graduates to come to the school in time, only unified recruitment of fresh graduates materials will be recieved in June and December.