Undergraduate Program

Tsinghua college life science experiment class

Tsinghua college building is located on the northeast side of the Second School gate of Tsinghua University, first built in 1909 and consists of East and West. As one of the landmark buildings of Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Institute carries hundreds of years of cultural and historical heritage, and has trained a large number of famous Chinese scholars.

In 2009, Tsinghua introduced the "Tsinghua School Talent Training Program." Under the guidance and support of the Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University has carefully organized and actively carried out the "Pilot Program for the Cultivation of Top-notch Students in Basic Disciplines" as well as established "Tsinghua School Class" with "Tsinghua School Talents Cultivation Plan" as the carrier. On April 14th, 2011, the full-scale launching ceremony of Tsinghua Talents Training Program was held outside Tsinghua University, one of the earliest buildings in Tsinghua University.

Tsinghua School of Life Sciences Experimental Class (referred to as the School Classes) regards cultivating outstanding scientists in the field of life science as the principle. Through the establishment of comprehensive and innovative courses, cutting-edge and challenging research practices, world-class scientists’ guidance, and multi-channel International exchange opportunities, the School Class focus on the strengths of personnel training and provides an outstanding study platform for the students aiming to achieve in the field of life science research. At the same time, the School Class plays a leading and exemplary role in promoting the quality of the overall faculty training faculties improve. To date, there have been six year of graduates, more than 90% of which are studying for a doctorate in the famous universities or research institutes at home and abroad to pursue advanced studies.

School classes set up "Tsinghua School Chief Professor" and "school class steering committee" and overall bear the responsibility for the guidance and training of students in the school. School class enrollment for life college undergraduate sophomore, comprehensively evaluating the overall quality of students and selecting outstanding person by the means of written statements, oral reply, etc.