Undergraduate Program

Experimental Teaching Center of Modern Life Science

Founded in September 1999, the Modern Life Science Experiment Teaching Center is an independent experimental teaching entity administered by both the school and the college. The basic course teaching and experimental training platform established by Experimental Teaching Center lays a good condition for the full implementation of laboratory construction and experimental content updates, the training of high-quality undergraduate and foundation of "research-oriented" university. When the center was first established, there is laboratory area of 330 square meters, 181 sets of equipment and instruments, 1.59 million yuan in fixed assets and the annual teaching capacity of 22,000 school hours. Since the establishment of the center, with the vigorous support of the school and the college, the center has made great strides and progress, establishing eight teaching labs of biology, biochemistry, microbiology, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology, animal physiology, plant biology and a innovative lab for undergraduate research. In addition, the Center established three auxiliary teaching labs of the networked microscope, public equipment, local area network as well as a biological specimen room. The Center undertake the teaching tasks of Life Science College, Tsinghua Medical College, Tsinghua Union Medical College, College of Sciences platform class and the basic biological experiments of non-biological undergraduate students. At present, the number of pilot projects opened each year exceeds 200, and the annual teaching workload exceeds 120,000 students. The experimental teaching area of 2759m2, total fixed assets reached 16.59 million yuan, the total number of equipment increased to 1339 units. The improvement of experimental equipment has laid a material foundation for the experimental teaching reform. Laboratory starts class for two semesters and operates openly.

The modern life science experiment teaching center adheres to the teaching philosophy of "integrating knowledge, ability and quality in an all-round and coordinated manner" and establishes "3 + 1" experimental teaching system in favor of cultivating students' practical ability and innovative spirit. The center has advanced equipment , sharing resources, opening up services and encouraging innovation of experimental teaching environment to meet the needs of modern experimental teaching of high-quality experimental teaching team;It established a modern and efficient management mechanism and information platform to improve the overall level of experimental teaching in the country to play a good role of radiation and demonstration. Modern Life Science Experimental Teaching Center in Beijing in 2005 by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission as the experimental teaching demonstration center. In 2006, it was elected as the first national experimental teaching demonstration center by the Ministry of Education.

In 2014, the Biology Center conducted a comprehensive renovation work and was fully managed and used by the Experimental Teaching Center in 2015. This historic temple of life science will play an important role in the training of life science personnel. The experimental teaching center focuses on the construction of diversification and openness. While providing more choices to meet the actual needs of students, it pays more attention on training students' scientific thinking and practical ability.

In the past three years, teachers in experimental teaching centers have received a total of 14 projects funded by scientific research projects, published more than 60 research papers and obtained 3 invention patents. They won the second prize of Beijing scientific and technological progress prize. They also undertook the national/Beijing municipal teaching reform project of 4, Tsinghua University - Peking University Joint Center of Life Sciences teaching reform project of 3 and school-level teaching reform project of 4. Since 2009, Tsinghua University has received 6 teaching achievement awards, 3 Beijing teaching achievement awards and 2 state-level teaching achievement awards.