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The 11th Biology Forum of Tsinghua University in 2018 was successfully held

2018-11-05 10:28:32

The 11th Biology Forum of Tsinghua University in 2018 organized by School of Life sciences and School of Medical Science was successfully held from Oct. 26th to 28th .

Feng Xinhua, dean of the school of life sciences in Zhejiang University, Wang Xiaodong,dean of the National Institute of Biological Sciences, Dr. Kinzel, general manager of Bayer’s China Innovation Center, Zhang Jingren, associate dean of the Medical school of Tsinghua university, Lin Xin, department head of the School of Medical Science, were present in the forum.

More than three hundred Ph.D candidates and about twenty professors from four different colleges of Tsinghua University attended the meeting, including School of life sciences, School of Medical Sciences, School of Chemical Sciences and School of Interdisciplinary Information Sciences. What’s more, the excellent undergraduate students from Xuetang program also attended the great academic event.

Professor Lin Xin delivered the speech on the opening ceremony. The invited lectures were reported by Professor Fen Xinhua, Professor Wang Xiaodong and Dr. Kinzel. The special guests shared their latest scientific researches and interesting stories about their careers. Following the opening ceremony, there were 37 academic reports, in which the Ph.D students gave the speeches about their projects. In the posters show, 139 posters, which were involved in various scientific areas, were presented. The closing ceremony was addressed by professor Wang Hongwei. And 10 students were awarded “The most popular speaker” prize and 20 students were awarded “The excellent poster” prize.

Speakers at the forum presented their works and ideas and all the participants actively shared their thoughts to each other. These activities sparkled our thoughts and brought new ideas for the scientific research. Meanwhile it can create opportunities for the collaborations among different labs. The Biology Forum of Tsinghua University has a history of 11 years and this great academic event will continue for promoting the development of our scientific researches.