Yule Liu     Ph.D.


1994-1997:  Ph. D.  Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China and Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, UK
1990-1992:  M. Sc.  Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
1984-1988:  B. Sc.  Department of Biology, NanKai University, Tianjin, China

1988.8-1998.9:    From Research Associate to Full Professor, Institute of Microbiology,
                                Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
1995.5-1996.5:    Visiting Scientist, Scottish Crop Research Institute, UK
1998.9-1999.8:    Postdoc., University of Texas at Austin, TX, USA
1999.9-2002.8:    Postdoc., Yale University, USA  
2002.9-2006.12:  Associate Research Scientist, Yale University, USA
2007.1 ---           Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing,  China


Research interest

  • Signal transduction and regulation of plant immunity

  • Molecular basis of plant viral pathogenesis

  • Plant autophagy

  • Plant functional genomics

Selected publications

1. Gong Q, Wang Y, He L, Huang F, Zhang D, Wang Y, Wei X, Han M, Deng H, Luo L, Cui F, Hong Y, Liu Y*. Molecular basis of methyl-salicylate-mediated plant airborne defence, Nature 622(7981):139-148, 2023

2. Yang M, Ismayil A, Jiang Z, Wang Y, Zheng X, Hong Y, Li D*, Liu Y*. A viral protein disrupts vacuolar acidification to facilitate virus infection in plants, EMBO Journal 41(2): e108713, 2022

3. Wang Y, Gong Q, Wu Y, Huang F, Ismayil A, Zhang D, Li H, Gu H, Ludman M, Fátyol, Qi Y, Yoshioka K, Hanley-Bowdoin L, Hong Y, Liu Y*. A calmodulin-binding transcription factor links calcium signaling to antiviral RNAi defense in plants, Cell Host & Microbe 29, 1393–1406, 2021

4. Li H, Zhang D, Xie K, Wang Y, Liao Q, Hong H, Liu Y*. Efficient and high-throughput pseudorecombinant-chimeric Cucumber mosaic virus-based VIGS in maize. Plant Physiology 187(4):2865-2876, 2021

5. Wang J, Chen T, Han M, Qian L, Li J, Wu M, Han T, Cao J, Nagalakshmi U, Rathjen JP, Hong Y, Liu Y*. Plant NLR immune receptor Tm-22 activation requires NB-ARC domain-mediated self-association of CC domain. PLoS Pathogens 16(4):e1008475, 2020

6. Ismayil A, Yang M, Haxima Y, Wang Y, Li J, Han L, Wang Y, Zheng X, Wei X, Nagalakshmi U, Hong Y, Hanley-Bowdoin L, Liu Y*. Cotton leaf curl Multan virus βC1 protein induces autophagy by disrupting the interaction of autophagy related protein 3 with Glyceraldehyde-3 Phosphate Dehydrogenases. Plant Cell 32(4):1124-1135, 2020

7. Ismayil A, Haxim Y, Wang Y, Li H, Qian L, Han T, Chen T, Jia Q, Yihao Liu A, Zhu S, Deng H, Gorovits R, Hong Y, Hanley-Bowdoin L, Liu Y*. Cotton Leaf Curl Multan virus C4 protein suppresses both transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene silencing by interacting with SAM synthetase. PLoS Pathogens 14(8): e1007282, 2018

8. Haxim Y, Ismayil A, Jia Q, Wang Y, Zheng X, Chen T, Qian L, Liu N, Wang Y, Han S, Cheng J, Qi Y, Hong Y, Liu Y*, Autophagy functions as an antiviral mechanism against geminiviruses in plants. eLife 6, e23897., 2017

9. Xu G, Wang S, Han S, Xie K, Wang Y, Li J, Liu Y*, Plant Bax Inhibitor-1 interacts with ATG6 to regulate autophagy and programmed cell death. Autophagy 13(7):1161-1175, 2017

10. Jia Q, Liu N, Xie K, Dai Y, Han S, Zhao X, Qian L, Wang Y, Zhao J, Gorovits R, Xie D, Hong Y and Liu Y*, CLCuMuB βC1 Subverts Ubiquitination by Interacting with NbSKP1s to Enhance Geminivirus Infection in Nicotiana benthamiana, PLoS Pathogens 12(6): e1005668, 2016

11. Wang Y, Zheng X, Yu B, Han S, Guo J, Tang H, Deng H, Hong Y and Liu Y*, Disruption of microtubules in plants suppresses macroautophagy and triggers starchy chloroplast autophagy, Autophagy 11(12): 2259-74, 2015

12. Han S,Wang Y, Zheng X, Jia Q, Zhao J, Bai F,Hong Y and Liu Y*, Cytoplastic glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenases interact with ATG3 to negatively regulate autophagy and immunity in Nicotiana benthamiana, Plant Cell 27(4):1316-31, 2015

13. Du Y, Zhao J, Chen T, Liu Q, Zhang H, Wang Y, Hong Y, Xiao F, Zhang L, Shen Q and Liu Y*, Type I J-domain NbMIP1 proteins are required for both Tobacco mosaic virus infection and plant innate immunity, PLoS Pathogens 9(10): e1003659, 2013.

14. Wang Y, Yu B, Zhao J, Guo J, Li Y, Han S, Huang L, Du Y, Hong Y, Tang D, and Liu Y*,Autophagy Contributes to the Leaf Starch Degradation, Plant Cell 25(4): 1383-1399, 2013

15. Liu Y, Schiff M, Czymmek K, Talloczy Z., Levine B and Dinesh-kumar SP. Autophagy regulates programmed cell death during the plant innate immune response, Cell 121(4), 567-577, 2005

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