Guangshuo Ou    Ph.D.


1994-2001 B.S. & M.S. China Agricultural University, College of Biological Sciences

2001-2006 Ph.D.  Cell & Developmental Biology, University of California, Davis

2007-2011 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of California, San Francisco/HHMI

2011-2013 Professor, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2013-present, Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University



Research interest

Our laboratory studies how cytoskeleton and signaling-related biomacromolecules regulate neural progenitors to migrate, divide and differentiation using Caenorhabditis elegans as the model system. We developed fluorescence time-lapse imaging techniques to visualize neuroblast development in live animals, and we have also developed C. elegansconditional knockout methods to dissect the underlying molecular mechanisms.



Selected publications

1. Xie C, Li L, Li M, Shao W, Zuo Q, Huang X, Chen R, Li W, Brunnbauer M, ?kten Z, Chen L*, Ou G*. Optimal Sidestepping of Intraflagellar Transport Kinesins Regulates Structure and Function of Sensory Cilia. EMBO J. 2020 in press
2. Jia R, Li D, Li M, Chai Y, Liu Y, Xie Z, Shao W, Xie C, Li L, Huang X, Chen L, Li W, Ou G. Spectrin-based membrane skeleton supports ciliogenesis. PLoS Biol. 2019 Jul 12;17(7):e3000369.
3. Yang Y, Zhang Y, Li WJ, Jiang Y, Zhu Z, Hu H, Li W, Wu JW, Wang ZX, Dong MQ, Huang S, Ou G. (2017) Spectraplakin Induces Positive Feedback between Fusogens and the Actin Cytoskeleton to Promote Cell-Cell Fusion. Developmental Cell. 41(1):107-120.
4. Feng G, Zhu Z, Li W, Chai Y, Dong M and Ou G. (2017) Hippo Kinases Maintain Polarity during Directional Cell Migration in C. elegans. EMBO J. 36(3):334-345.
5. Yi P, Li WJ, Dong MQ, and Ou G*. Dynein-Driven Retrograde Intraflagellar Transport Is Triphasic in C. elegans Sensory Cilia. Current Biology 2017 May 22;27(10):1448-1461
6. Li W, Yi P, Zhu Z, Zhang X, Li W, Ou G. (2017) Centriole translocation and degeneration during ciliogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans neurons. EMBO J. 36(17):2553-2566.
7. Zhu Z, Chai Y, Jiang Y, Li WJ, Hu H, Li W, Wu J, Wang Z, Huang S and Ou G. (2016) Functional Coordination of WAVE and WASP in C. elegans Neuroblast Migration. Developmental Cell. 39(2):224-238.
8. Tian D, Diao M, Jiang Y, Sun L, Zhang Y, Chen Z, Huang S and Ou G*. Anillin regulates neuronal migration and neurite growth by linking RhoG to the actin cytoskeleton. Current Biology. 2015 May 4; 25(9):1135-45.
9. Shen Z, Zhang X, Chai Y, Zhu Z, Yi P, Feng G, Li W and Ou G. (2014) Conditional Knockouts Generated by Engineered CRISPR-Cas9 Endonuclease Reveal the Roles of Coronin in C. elegans Neural Development. Developmental Cell. 30(5):625-36.
10. Cheng Z, Yi P, Wang X, Chai Y, Feng G, Yang Y, Liang X, Zhu Z, Li W *, and Ou G.* (2013) Conditional targeted genome editing using somatically expressed TALENs in C. elegans. Nature Biotechnology. 31(10):934-7.
11. Ou, G.*, Stuurman N, D'Ambrosio, M and R.D. Vale*. (2010) Polarized myosin produces unequal size daughters during asymmetric cell division. Science. 330(6004):677-80.
12. Ou, G., Blacque, O.E., Snow, J.J., Leroux, M.R., and J.M. Scholey (2005) Functional Coordination of Intraflagellar Transport Motors. Nature.  436(7050):583-7.

Contact information

Tel: +86-10-62794766