Yeguang CHEN  Ph.D.

Professor   Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

1979-1983  Jiangxi University, BSc of Biology

1983-1986  Jiangxi University, MSc of Zoology

1988-1990  Fordham University, MSc of Cell Biology

1991-1996  Albert Einstein College of Medicine, PhD of Cell Biology

1996-2000  Post-doctoral Research Associate, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center/Howard Hughes Medical Institute

2000-2002  Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside

2002-present  Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University



Research interest

He primarily focuses on using multidisciplinary approaches such as molecular biology, cell biology, bioinformatics, as well as organoid technology and animal models, to investigate the self-renewal and differentiation mechanisms of adult stem cells, and explore the molecular mechanisms underlying signal regulation of cell fate and the development of cancer diseases.


Selected publications

1. Shi QN, Huang F, Wang YL, Deng HT, Chen YG#. (2024) HER2 phosphorylation induced by TGF-β promotes mammary morphogenesis and breast cancer progression. Journal of Cell Biology, 223(4):e202307138.

2. Wang T, Song WL, Meng QY, Qu CQ, GuoSH, Wang YL, Tan RH, Jia BQ#, Chen YG#.  (2024) Tumorigenicity and prediction of clinical prognosis chemotherapy response of patient-derived gastric cancer organoids. Clinical and Translational Medicine, 14(2):e1588.

3. Wang YL, Lou RY, Zhang Z, Xiao CY, Yu SC, Wei ST, Liu Y, Fu W, Li BJ,  Chen YG#. (2023) Stromal BMP signaling regulates mucin production in the large intestine via interleukin-1/17, Science Advances.9(43):eadi1827.

4. Liu LS, Wang YL, Yu SC, Liu HD, Li YH, Hua S, Chen YG#. (2023) TGF-β promotes inflammation and tumorigenesis in Smad4-deficient intestinal epithelium in a YAP-dependent manner, Advanced Science, e2300708.

5. Wei XY , Yu SC, Zhang TH, Liu LS, Wang X, Wang XD, Chan YS, Wang YM, Meng S, Chen YG#. (2023) MicroRNA-200 loaded lipid nanoparticles promote intestinal epithelium regeneration in canonical microRNAs-deficient mice, ACS Nano, 17(22):22901.

6. Kang KX, Shi QN, Wang X, Chen YG#. (2022) Dishevelled phase separation promotes Wnt signalosome assembly and destruction complex disassembly, Journal of Cell Biology, 221(12):e202205069.

7. Nong JX, Kang KX, Shi QN, Zhu XC, Tao QH, Chen YG#. (2021)  Phase separation of Axin organizes the β-catenin destruction complex.  Journal of Cell Biology, 220(4): e202012112.

8. Wang T, Zhang N, Fan SP, Zhao LZ, Song WL, Gong YH, Shen Q, Zhang C, Ren P, Lin CT, Fu W, Gao G, Ma SH#, Bi YH#, Chen YG#.  (2021)  Establishment of human distal lung organoids for SARS-CoV-2 infection. Cell Discovery, 7(1):108.

9. Wang YL, Song WL, Wang JL, Wang T, Xiong XC, Qi Z, Fu W#, Yang XR#, Chen YG#. (2020) Single-cell transcriptome analysis reveals differential nutrient absorption functions in human intestine. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 217(2). pii: e20191130.

10. Li YZ, Liu Y, Y. Jeffrey Chiang, Huang F, Li YH, Li XT,Ning YH, Zhang WH, Deng HT, Chen YG#.  (2019)  DNA Damage Activates TGF-β Signaling via ATM-c-Cbl-Mediated Stabilization of the Type II Receptor TβRII. Cell Reports, 28(3):735.


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