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Annual Meeting of Tsinghua Xuetang Life Science Program Held

2018-05-17 13:23:31

On May 12, the Tsinghua Xuetang Life Science Program held its 2018 Annual Meeting. The Chief Professor of the Program, Shi Yigong, Program Director, Liu Dong, the members of advisory committee, and all the students of the Xuetang Program attended the meeting. Prof. Li Jiayang, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a world-renowned plant geneticist, was invited as a keynote speaker to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, Prof. Shi Yigong presented certificates to the graduates for their completion of academic training in the program. Prof. Li Jiayang gave an inspiring speech to the students about his academic life. All the graduates reported their research progresses. Based on the evaluation by the advisory committee, five students won the Award for the Best Research and the Award for the Best Presentation.

The Tsinghua Xuetang Life Science Program aims to nurture the outstanding future research talents in life sciences.

The photograph of all students and teachers