Dapeng Zhang, Ph.D


1978?1982, Undergraduate, Northwestern Agricultural University

1983?1987, PhD student, University of Bordeaux II, France

1987?1989, Postdoctoral fellow, Beijing Agricultural University

1989?2008, Associate professor, professor, China Agricultural University

2008 to now, Professor, Tsinghua University



Research interest

Phytohormone abscisic acid (ABA) signal transduction. We previously identified the H subunit of Mg-chelatase as an ABA receptor (ABAR). We are working on the mechanism of ABA signal perception by ABAR and the downstream signal transduction.

Selected publications

1.       Liang S, Lu K, Wu Z, Jiang SC, Yu YT, Bi C, Xin Q, Wang XF, Zhang DP. 2015. A link between magnesium-chelatase H subunit and sucrose nonfermenting 1 (SNF1)-related protein kinase SnRK2.6/OST1 in Arabidopsisguard cell signalling in response to abscisic acid. Journal of Experimental Botany 66, 6355-6369.

2.       Mei C, Jiang SC, Lu YF, Wu FQ, Yu YT, Liang S, Feng XJ, Portoles Comeras S, Lu K, Wu Z, Wang XF, Zhang DP. 2014. Arabidopsis pentatricopeptide repeat protein SOAR1 plays a critical role in abscisic acid signalling. Journal of Experimental Botany 65, 5317-5330.

3.       Liu ZQ, Yan L, Wu Z, Mei C, Lu K, Yu YT, Liang S, Zhang XF, Wang XF, Zhang DP. 2012. Cooperation of three WRKY-domain transcription factors WRKY18, WRKY40, and WRKY60 in repressing two ABA-responsive genes ABI4 and ABI5 in ArabidopsisJournal of Experimental Botany 63, 6371-6392.

4.       Zhao R, Sun HL, Mei C, Wang XJ, Yan L, Liu R, Zhang XF, Wang XF, Zhang DP. 2011. The Arabidopsis Ca2+-dependent protein kinase CPK12 negatively regulates abscisic acid signaling in seed germination and post-germination growth. New Phytologist 192, 61–73.

5.       Shang Y, Yan L, Liu ZQ, Cao Z, Mei C, Xin Q, Wu FQ, Wang XF, Du SY, Jiang T, Zhang XF, Zhao R, Sun HL, Liu R, Yu YT, Zhang DP. 2010. The Mg-chelatase H subunit of Arabidopsis antagonizes a group of WRKY transcription repressors to relieve ABA-responsive genes of inhibition. Plant Cell 22, 1909-1935.

6.       Wu FQ, Xin Q, Cao Z, Liu ZQ, Du SY, Mei C, Zhao CX, Wang XF, Shang Y, Jiang T, Zhang XF, Yan L, Zhao R, Cui ZN, Liu R, Sun HL, Yang XL, Su Z, Zhang DP. 2009. The magnesium-chelatase H subunit binds abscisic acid and functions in abscisic acid signaling: new evidence in ArabidopsisPlant Physiology 150, 1940-1954.

7.       Fan RC, Peng CC, Xu YH, Wang XF, Li Y, Shang Y, Du SY, Zhao R, Zhang XY, Zhang LY, Zhang DP (2009) Apple sucrose transporter SUT1 and sorbitol transporter SOT6 interact with cytochrome b5 to regulate their affinity for substrate sugars. Plant Physiology 150, 1880-1901.

8.       Zhu SY, Yu XC, Wang XJ, Zhao R, Li Y, Fan RC, Shang Y, Du SY, Wang XF, Wu FQ, Xu YH, Zhang XY, Zhang DP. 2007. Two calcium-dependent protein kinases, CPK4 and CPK11, regulate abscisic acid signal transduction in Arabidopsis. Plant Cell 19, 3019-3036.

9.       Zhang DP. 2007. Signaling to the nucleus with a loaded GUN. Science, 316, 700-701 (Commentary).

10.   Shen YY, Wang XF, Wu FQ, Du SY, Cao Z, Shang Y, Wang XL, Peng CC, Yu XC, Zhu SY, Fan RC, Xu YH, Zhang DP. 2006. The Mg-chelatase H subunit is an abscisic acid receptor. Nature 443, 823-826.

Edited Book

Abscisic Acid: Metabolism, Transport and Signaling. D.P. Zhang Ed. Springer Publisher, 2014.


Contact information

Tel: +86-10-62781956
E-mail: zhangdp@tsinghua.edu.cn