Jianbin Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

2004-2008          B.S.     Chemistry, Peking University

2008-2014          Ph.D.   Bioengineering, Stanford University

2014-2015          Postdoctoral Scholar, Bioengineering, Stanford University

2015-2015          Scientist, Agenovir Corporation

2015-present      Assistant Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University



Research interest

Our research focuses on the development of novel genomic technologies and their applications on problems regarding human genetics and reproduction. It is our desire to understand the principles behind genetic inheritance, and to translate the knowledge into clinical applications. We are also interested in applying our technologies to other fields such as immunology, developmental biology and cancer biology.

Selected publications

1.        P Liao#, M Jiang#, Z Chen, F Zhang, Y Sun, J Nie, M Du, J Wang*,  P Fei*, and Y Huang*. (2020). Lossless and Contamination-Free Digital PCR .  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. ,  Accepted.

2.        J Yao#, Q Cui#, W Fan#, Y Ma#, Y Chen#, T Liu#, X Zhang, Y Xi, C Wang, L Peng, Y Luo, A Lin, W Guo, L Lin, Y Lin, W Tan, D Lin*, C Wu*, and J Wang*.  (2020). Single-cell transcriptomic analysis in a mouse model deciphers cell transition states in the multistep development of esophageal cancer.  Nature Communications 11, 3715.

3.        L Di#, Y Fu#, Y Sun, J Li, L Liu, J Yao, G Wang, Y Wu, K Lao, RW Lee, G Zheng, J Xu, J Oh, D Wang, XS Xie*, Y Huang*, and J Wang*.(2020). RNA sequencing by direct tagmentation of RNA/DNA hybrids.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA., 117, 2886.

4.        P Wang#, W Tang#, Z Li#, Z Zou, Y Zhou, R Li, T Xiong,  J Wang*, P Zou*. (2019). Mapping spatial transcriptome with light-activated proximity-dependent RNA labeling. Nature Chemical Biology. 15, 1110.

5.       X Zhang#, T Li#, F Liu#, Y Chen#, J Yao, Z Li, Y Huang*, and J Wang*. (2020). Comparative analysis of droplet-based ultra-high-throughput single-cell RNA-seq systems. Molecular Cell.  73, 130.

6.        J Gao, H Wang, Z Li, AHH Wong, Y Wang, Y Guo, X Lin, G Zeng, Y Wang*, and J Wang*. (2018). Candida albicans gains azole resistance by altering sphingolipid composition. Nature Communications.  9, 4495.


Contact information

Email: jianbinwang@tsinghua.edu.cn