Hang SHI,Ph.D.

Assistant Investigator

1992-1996  Tsinghua University, China/B.S.

1997-2003 University of Massachusetts Amherst,USA and The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,USA/P h .D.

2004-2006  Institute of Medicine,USA  /Postdoctoral Fellow

2006-2017  Rockefeller University ,USA /Senior Research Associate

2017-present School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University, China/Assistant Investigator


Research interest

My laboratory combines structural and functional approaches to investigate, from the molecular perspective, the production, metabolism, function and related regulatory mechanisms of intracellular RNA, and develop biological and medical tools. In addition, we also apply multiple structural biology methods to understand the formation and function of cellular organelles (for instance, cillia).

Selected publications

  1. Shi,H.*,Singh,N.,Esselborn,F.and Blobel,G.(2014)structure of a myosin?adaptor complex and pairing by cargo.Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A.111,1082-1090.(PMCID:PMC3970527),(*corresponding author)
  2. Singh,N.,Blobel,G. Shi,H.*(2015)Hooking She3p onto She2p for myosin-mediated cytoplasmic mRNA transport. Proc.Natl.Acad.

Sci.U.S.A.112,142-147.(PMCID:PMC4291644),(*corresponding author)

  1. Hao,Q.,Shi,H.*,Blobel,G.(2017)Beaded String Modules From Two Rings around the Nuclear Pore Membrane’s Waist.(under revision)(*cofirst author)


Contact information