Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor


2005-2010:    B.S. Datong University
2010-2016:    Ph.D.,  Academy of Military Medical Sciences.
2016-2020:    Postdoctoral fellow, Peking University
2020-present:    Assistant Professor/Principal Investigator, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University
2020-present:   Principal Investigator, Tsinghua-Peking Center for Life Sciences, Tsinghua University 


Research interest


(1) Employing/developing single-cell multi-omics analysis to uncover the molecular patterns of lineage specialization during embryonic development;(2) Establishing in vitro/vivo models to understand the regulatory mechanism of cell fate transition during embryogenesis from the phenotypic/functional dimension;(3) Exploring the regulatory principles in embryo implantation and tumor evolution in reproductive system.

Selected publications


  1. Tian F*,Zhou F*,Li X*, Ma W*, Wu H*, Yang M*, Chapman AR, Lee DF, Tan L, Xing D, Yin G, Semayel A, Wang J, Wang J, Sun W, He R, Zhang S, Cao Z, Wei L, Lu S, Yang D, Mao Y, Gao Y, Chen K, Zhang Y, Liu X, Yong J, Yan L, Huang Y, Qiao J#, Tang F#, Gao G#, Xie XS#.(2020).  Genomic Architecture of Cells in Tissues (GeACT): Study of Human Mid-gestation Fetus. bioRxiv .

  2. Zhou F*, Wang R*, Yuan P*, Ren Y*, Mao Y*, Li R, Lian Y, Li J, Wen L, Yan L, Qiao J#, Tang F# .(2019).  Reconstituting the transcriptome and DNA methylome landscapes of human implantation.Nature  572: 660-664.

  3. Zhou F*, Li X*, Wang W*, Zhu P*, Zhou J*, He W*, Ding M, Xiong F, Zheng X, Li Z, Ni Y, Mu X, Wen L, Cheng T, Lan Y, Yuan W#, Tang F#, Liu B#.(2016).  Tracing haematopoietic stem cell formation at single-cell resolution.Nature  533: 487-492.

  4. Li Z*,Zhou F*, Chen D, He W, Ni Y, Luo L, Liu B#(2013).  Generation of hematopoietic stem cells from purified embryonic endothelial cells by a simple and efficient strategy.Journal of Genetics and Genomics Yi chuan xue bao 40: 557-563.


Honors and awards


2019, The 2019 Top Ten Advances in Life Sciences in China (Reconstituting the transcriptome and DNA methylome landscapes of human implantation)

2017, Bayer Postdoc

2017, Young Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program

2016, First Prize for Center for Life Science Post-Doctoral Fund

2016, Ray Wu Prize

2016, Excellent Doctoral Thesis in PLA

Contact information


E-mail: zhoufanlove AT
Tel: 86-10-62780407 (Lab)