Principal Investigator


B. S. Biology
Universidad de Alicante (Spain)
Ph. D. Molecular Biology, Laboratory of Antonio Garcia-Bellido
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain)
Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratory of Tian Xu, Dept. of Genetics-HHMI
Yale School of Medicine (USA)
Ass. Res. Scientist, Laboratory of Tian Xu, Dept. of Genetics-HHMI
Yale School of Medicine (USA)
Principal Investigator
Tsinghua University (P. R. China)


Research interest

One of the main barriers to our understanding of living organisms is complexity at the level of tissues. Basement membranes (BMs), which support tissues in all animals, are polymers of highly conserved extracellular matrix proteins. BMs and their components play essential roles in morphogenesis, cell signaling, immune responses, regeneration and tumor progression. I have recently shown that Collagen IV and Perlecan, two of the main components of BMs, exert opposing physical forces that determine cell and organ shape. Several undergoing projects in my laboratory investigate the secretion of BM components, their assembly into a polymer and their roles in development, regeneration and cancer.

Selected publications

1. Ke H, Feng Z, Liu M, Sun T, Dai J, Ma M, Liu LP, Ni JQ, Pastor-Pareja JC#. (2018). Collagen secretion screening in Drosophila, supports a common secretory machinery and multiple rab requirements. Journal of Genetics & Genomics. 10.1016/j.jgg.2018.05.002

2. Dai J, Ma M, Feng Z, Pastor-Pareja JC*. (2017). Inter-adipocyte adhesion and signaling by Collagen IV concentrations in Drosophila. Curr Biol 27:1-12.

3. Ma M, Cao, Dai J, Pastor-Pareja JC*. (2017). Basement membrane manipulation in Drosophila wing discs affects Dpp retention but not growth mechanoregulation. Dev Cell 42:97-106.

4. Liu M, Feng Z, Ke H, Liu Y, Sun T, Dai J, Cui W, Pastor-Pareja JC#. (2017). Tango1 spatially organizes ER exit sites to control ER export. Journal of Cell Biology. 216:1035-59. (# corresponding author)

5. Zang Y, Wan M, Liu M, Ke H, Ma S, Liu LP, Ni JQ, Pastor-Pareja JC#. (2015). Plasma membrane overgrowth causes fibrotic collagen accumulation and immune activation in Drosophila adipocytes. eLife.10.7554/eLife.07187. (# corresponding author)

6. Pastor-Pareja JC#, Xu T#. (2013). Dissecting social cell biology and tumors using Drosophila genetics. Annual Review of Genetics. 47:51-74. (# corresponding author) 

7. Pastor-Pareja JC, Xu T. (2011). Shaping cells and organs in Drosophila through the opposing effects of fat body-secreted Collagen IV and Perlecan. Developmental Cell. 21: 245-56

8. Wu M*, Pastor-Pareja JC*, Xu T. (2010). Interaction between RasV12 and scribbled clones induces tumor growth and invasion. Nature. 463: 545-8. (* equal contribution)

9. Pastor-Pareja JC, Wu M, Xu T. (2008). An innate immune response of blood cells to tumors and tissue damage in Drosophila. Disease Models & Mechanisms. 1: 144-54.

10. Srivastava A*, Pastor-Pareja JC*, Igaki T, Pagliarini R, Xu T. (2007). Basement membrane remodeling is essential for Drosophila disc eversion and tumor invasion. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 104: 2721-6. (* equal contribution)

11. Pastor-Pareja JC, Grawe F, Martin-Blanco E, Garcia-Bellido A. (2004). Invasive cell behavior during Drosophila imaginal disc eversion is mediated by the JNK signaling cascade. Developmental Cell. 7: 387-99.



Contact information

School of Life Sciences

Medical Science Bldg., D224

Tsinghua University

Beijing 100084, P. R. China


Tel: (+86) 010-627-83498 (office)     (+86) 010-627-83597(lab)