Hongzhong Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

1987, B.S., Beijing Institute of Light Industry

1990, M.S., Being Institute of Light Industry

1999, Ph.D., Peking University


Research interest

Biocatalysis & Biotransformation.

Directed evolution and yeast surface display of the biocatalysts

Application of industrial biotechnology, fermentation of pharmaceuticals.


Selected publications

■   Zhang, Wenquan, Cui, Li, Wu, Mengyao, Zhang, Rongqing, Xie, Liping, Wang, Hongzhong*. Transformation of prednisolone to a 20 beta-hydroxy prednisolone compound by Streptomyces roseochromogenes TS79. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 92(4), 727-735, 2011

■   Lin, Yin, Zhang, Wenquan, Zhu, Fangjie, Su, Jingtan, Fang, Dong, Yang, Yang, Zhang, Guiyou, Xie, Liping, Zhang, Rongqing, Wang, Hongzhong*. Subcellular localization of N-deoxyribosyltransferase in Lactobacillus fermentum: cell surface association of an intracellular nucleotide metabolic enzyme. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 323(2), 132-141, 2011.

■   Juan Xiong, Wenquan Zhang, Jingtan Su, Junlong Shangguan, Yin Lin, Yang Yang, Rongqing Zhang, Liping Xie & Hongzhong Wang*. Improved synthesis of 2′-deoxyadenosine and 5-methyluridine by Escherichia coli using an auto-induction system. World of Microbiology & Biotechnology, 28(2), 721-727, 2012.


Contact information

Tel: +86-010-62795632  

Fax: +86-010-62772899