News & Events


News and Events

  How bacteria rescue translationally stalled ribosomes [2016-12-07 10:52:53]
  Wei Xie’s group from School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University published an article in Molecular cell, reporting the regulation of epigenetic memory and mouse development by a simple isoform swit [2016-12-02 16:54:47]
  Prof. Yijun Qi’s group publishes a research paper in the recent issue of The Plant Cell. The paper reports an important role of Transportin1 in regulating miRNA activity in Arabidopsis [2016-11-28 19:38:52]
  Wanli Liu’s lab reported a mew mechanism of loss-of-function polymorphism T232 in FcγRIIB in J Exp Med. [2016-11-10 06:58:00]
  Maojun Yang’s Group Published the Structure of Respirasome in Nature [2016-09-24 06:58:16]
  Wei Xie’s group, Jie Na’s group and collaborators at the Tsinghua University published research papers in Nature and Molecular Cell, reporting for the first time how histone modifications are transmit [2016-09-18 20:04:47]
  Ding Xue’s Group reported mew mechanisms that regulate paternal mitochondrial elimination (PME) in C. elegans in Nature Communications [2016-09-14 15:03:29]
  Zhucheng Chen’s lab published a study in Molecular Cell and illustrated the mechanism of acetylation of nucleosomal histone H4 by the NuA4 core complex [2016-09-12 09:18:31]
  Prof. Guanjun Gao’s group finds the substantial evidences for functional "Dark Matter" in genome [2016-09-07 08:18:49]
  Prof. Yi Zhong’s group published a conserved mechanism regulating active forgetting in mammals on Current Biology [2016-09-05 09:40:26]
  Prof. Bryan Wei’s Research Team Developed a New Method to Construct Complex DNA Nanostructures [2016-08-15 16:35:25]
  Hongwei Wang Group Reported the CryoEM Structure of Yeast Cytoplasmic Exosome Complex on Cell Research [2016-07-11 08:17:37]
  Wei Xie’s group from School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University published a Nature research article in June 15, 2016, reporting the landscape of accessible chromatin in mammalian preimplantation e [2016-06-16 08:21:02]
  Breakthrough in Ribosome Biogenesis: Atomic Structures of the Pre-Ribosome Revealed by Tsinghua cryo-EM team [2016-06-01 12:42:49]
  Prof. Ting Zhu’s group publishes “A synthetic molecular system capable of mirror-image genetic replication and transcription” in Nature Chemistry [2016-05-17 09:10:44]
  Prof. Ting Zhu’s group publishes CATCH methodology in Nature Protocols [2016-04-28 14:03:55]

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