News & Events


News and Events

  Yigong Shi’s group reported the first atomic structure of human spliceosome in a Cell research article [2017-05-12 12:52:25]
  Dr. Wei Xie of School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University selected as International Research Scholars by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute [2017-05-10 12:51:23]
  A novel memory preservation mechanism by epigenetic regulation [2017-03-28 08:19:48]
  Jose C. Pastor-Pareja’s group reports in Journal of Cell Biology a critical role of TANGO1 in the morphogenesis of ER exit sites [2017-03-16 09:07:11]
  Junbiao Dai’s group published an article in Science, reporting the design and synthesis of the budding yeast chromosome XII [2017-03-10 08:43:50]
  A new mechanism for diRNA mediated DSB repair [2017-03-02 08:29:29]
  Guangshuo Ou’s Group reported that Hippo kinases maintain polarity during directional cell migration in Caenorhabditis elegans on The EMBO Journal [2017-02-22 11:10:24]
  Yigong Shi’s Group published the EM structure of a yeast step II catalytically activated spliceosome on Science, yielding a near-complete mechanistic picture on the splicing cycle. [2016-12-27 14:10:23]
  Zhucheng Chen’s group reports the structure and regulation of the chromatin remodeller ISWI in NATURE [2016-12-14 13:29:16]
  Human recombinase RAD51 caught in action by cryo-EM [2016-12-14 08:38:01]
  How bacteria rescue translationally stalled ribosomes [2016-12-07 10:52:53]
  Wei Xie’s group from School of Life Sciences at Tsinghua University published an article in Molecular cell, reporting the regulation of epigenetic memory and mouse development by a simple isoform swit [2016-12-02 16:54:47]
  Prof. Yijun Qi’s group publishes a research paper in the recent issue of The Plant Cell. The paper reports an important role of Transportin1 in regulating miRNA activity in Arabidopsis [2016-11-28 19:38:52]
  Wanli Liu’s lab reported a mew mechanism of loss-of-function polymorphism T232 in FcγRIIB in J Exp Med. [2016-11-10 06:58:00]
  Maojun Yang’s Group Published the Structure of Respirasome in Nature [2016-09-24 06:58:16]
  Wei Xie’s group, Jie Na’s group and collaborators at the Tsinghua University published research papers in Nature and Molecular Cell, reporting for the first time how histone modifications are transmit [2016-09-18 20:04:47]

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