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KehKooi Kee


KehKooi Kee, PhD


1992-1997       Iowa State University, USA  (Biochemistry)
                           Bachelor of Science & Master of Science
1997-2003       Weill Cornell Medical College/ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA (Molecular, Cellular Biology & Genetics)
2004-2007       UCSF, USA Postdoctoral Fellow
2007-2010       Stanford University, USA Research Associate
May 2010-        Tsinghua University, China, Professor

Research interest:

  1. Human stem cell and germ cell biology: Using in vitro differentiation of human stem cells to study molecular and genetic mechanisms of germ cell development, from stem cells to mature sperms and oocytes.
  2. Human genetic diseases: Combining iPS and site specific mutagenesis to develop treatment for genetic diseases.


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Contact info:

Tel:+86-10-62794200(office) , 62785820 (lab)
Email: kkee@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn

Tsinghua University,Beijing,China,100084
Tel:+86-10-62772269  Fax:+86-10-62788604  Email:swxrs@tsinghua.edu.cn