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Guoqiang Chen

George Guo-Qiang CHEN, PhD, Professor

BSc, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China£¬1981-1985
PhD, Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria£¬1986-1989

Research Experience:
Postdoc., University of Nottingham, UK£¬1990-1992
Postdoc., University of Alberta, Canada£¬1992-1994
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University£¬1994-1997
Professor, Tsinghua University£¬1997-Present

Research areas and interests:
Industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology
Microbial synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA)
Microbial metabolic engineering
Functions of PHA in microbial physiology
Application of PHA as tissue engineering materials
Applications of PHA as biodegradable materials and as biofuels

Microbiology, Frontier of Fermentation Engineering£¬System Biology and Synthetic Biology

Over 180 international peer reviewed publication, 10 of the representative ones are below:

1.        Chen GQ and Patel M. Plastics Derived from Biological Sources: Present and Future - A Technical and an Environmental Review. Chemical Reviews 112 (4) (2012) 2082-2099

2.        Lv Li, Ren Yilin, Chen JC, Wu Q and Chen GQ. Application of CRISPRi for Prokaryotic Metabolic Engineering Involving Multiple Genes, A Case Study: Controllable P(3HB-co-4HB)Biosynthesis. Metabolic Engineering (2015) 10.1016/j.ymben.2015.03.013

3.        Meng DC, Wang Ying, Shen Rui, Chen JC, Wu Q and Chen GQ. Production of Poly(3-Hydroxypropionate) and P(3_Hydroxybutyrate-co-3-Hydroxypropionate) from Glucose by Engineered E. coli. Metabolic Engineering (2015) 10.1016/j.ymben.2015.03.015

4.        Jiang XR, Wang Huan, Shen Rui, Chen GQ.  Engineering the Bacterial Shapes for Enhanced Inclusion Bodies Accumulation. Metabolic Engineering (2015) 10.1016/j.ymben.2015.03.017

5.        Yin Jin, Chen GQ. Halomonas spp, a Rising Star for Industrial Biotechnology. Biotechnology Advance 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2014.10.008

6.        Dan Tan, Qiong Wu, Jin-Chun Chen, Chen GQ. Engineering Halomonas TD01 for Low Cost Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates. Metabolic Engineering 26 (2014) 34–47

7.        Fu XZ, Tan D, Aibaidula G, Wu Q, Chen JC, Chen GQ. Development of Halomonas TD01 as A Host for Open Production of Chemicals. Metab Eng 23 (2014) 78-91 10.1016/j.ymben.2014.02.006.

8.        Meng DC, Ma YM, Yao H, Chen JC, Wu Q and Chen GQ. Engineering the diversity of polyesters. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 29 (2014) 24–33

a)Chen GQ, Luo RC, Xu J, Wu Q£ºPolyhydroxyalkanoates Eco-industrial Value Chain£¨Chemical Industrial Publisher, Beijing£©(2008)
b)Plastics from bacteria: Natural functions and applications. (Springer£¬Heidelberg£¬Germany) (2009) (In print)


Good Teacher and Friend to Graduate Students of Tsinghua Univ£¬2001-2006
Mei Yiqi Award, Tsinghua University, 2007-2010
2nd Class China National Invention Award£¬2002
Outstanding Young Researcher Award£¬2003
Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award£¬2003
Silver award, Internationale Ausstellung, Ideen, Erfindungen und Neuheiten, Nürnberg, Germany£¬2003
8th Young Chinese Scientific Achievement Award£¬2004
Cheungkong Scholar£¬Ministry of Education, 2004
Board of Directors for China Biotechnology Association£¬2006-Present

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