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Lijun Du

Dr. Lijun Du, Ph.D. Professor

Dr. Lijun Du holds the following appointments concurrently: Director of Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Professor of Tsinghua University.

Main Research Fields: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  1. Influence of cerebral ischemia-reperfusion on brain function and its molecular mechanisms
  2. Small molecule drug transportation through cells and the signal transduction
  3. Interaction between small molecules and biological molecules, specificity and non-specificity

Main academic results

  In the past years, we have past new drug approval and got two certifications by SFDA. Three candidate drugs were in clinic trial. We have got 11 patents for new drug development from Chinese government. We have found the neuron’s distribution of berberine, a natural chemical, and its transport behavior through the neurons, to give a solid data of berberine used in neuron injury in clinic. We also have found the new use of pomegranate leaf containing the effective component, ellagic acid, in treatment of hyperlipemia in both pharmaceutics and pharmacology, and developed it as a new drug in clinic.

Selected Publications

  • Chai Y, Yuan Z, Lei F, Wang Y, Hu J, Du F, Lu X, Jiang J, Xing D, Du L (2014). Inhibition of retinoblastoma mRNA degradation through Poly (A) involved in the neuroprotective effect of berberine against cerebral ischemia. PLOS ONE, 9(3): e90850.
  • Jiang J, Wang Y, Hu J, Lei F, Kheir M, Wang X, Chai Y, Yuan Z, Lu X, Xing D, Du F, Du L (2013). Novel effect of berberine on thermoregulation in mice model induced by hot and cold environmental stimulation. PLOS ONE 8(1):e54234.
  • Chai Y, Hu J, Lei F, Wang Y, Yuan Z, Lu X, Wang X, Du F, Zhang D, Xing D, Du L (2013). Effect of berberine on cell cycle arrest and cell survival during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion and correlations with p53/cyclin D1 and PI3K/Akt. European Journal of Pharmacology 708: 44-55.
  • Hu J, Chai Y, Wang Y, Kheir M, Li H, Yuan Z, Wan H, Xing D, Lei F, Du L (2012). PI3K p55γ promoter activity enhancement is involved in the anti-apoptotic effect of berberine against cerebral ischemia–reperfusion. European Journal of Pharmacology 674:132-142.
  • Wang Y, Kheir M, Chai Y, Hu J, Xing D, Lei F, Du L(2011). Comprehensive study in the inhibitory effect of berberine on gene transcription, including TATA box. PLOS ONE 6(8): e23495.
  • Kheir M, Wang Y, Hua L, Hu J, Li L, Lei F, Du L (2010). Acute toxicity of berberine and its correlation with the blood concentration in mice. Food and Chemical Toxicology 48:1105-1110.

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