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Mingxing Duan

Mingxing Duan

1970, B.S, Tsinghua University.
1984, M.S, Tsinghua University.
1983£¨Lecturer, Tsinghua University.
1992 , Associate Professor , Tsinghua University.
2000, Professor , Tsinghua University.

Prof. Duan holds the following appointments concurrently
Director-general of the Tsinghua University - Longliqi Institute of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology;
Professor of Tsinghua University.

Main Research Fields:
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
Properties and Functions of Polypeptide and Protein Medicines.
Oral Delivery and Control Release of Polypeptide and Protein Medicines.
Constructions, Immune Mechanisms and Routes of Nucleic Acid Vaccines .
Transdermal Absorption of Biomacromolecule

100 research articles have been published, and 20patents have been applied for (including one American granted patent and 12 Chinese granted patents).
Selected Publications:

  1. F.F.Zhuang, R.Liang, C.T.Zou, H.Ma, C.X.Zheng, M.X.Duan*.“High efficient encapsulation of plasmid DNA in PLGA microparticles by organic phase self-emulsification”, J.Biochem.Biophys.Methods 52 (2002) 169-178.
  2. Bin Deng, Zheng Liu, Guoan Luo*, Hong Ma, Mingxing Duan*.“Rapid quantitative determination and assessment of insulin in oil formulation by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography”, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 27 73 - 80 (2002).
  3. Liang Rong,Zhuang FengFeng, Meng Zheng, Zheng Changxue, Duan Mingxing*.“A New Potent Route of DNA Vaccine Inoculation: DNA-Liposome Complexes on Bare Skin Induce Antigen-Special Antibody Responses”, Molecules 8, 120 126. (2003).
  4. Hong-Wei Wang, Yong Chen, Hsiuchin Yang, Xianchuan Chen, Ming-Xing Duan, Phang C. Tai* and Sen-Fang Sui*.“Ring Like Pore Structures of SecA: Implication for Bacterial Protein-Conducting Channels”. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.U.S.A. Vol.100 No.7 P4221-4226 (2003).
  5. Xi-Ming Qin,Ming-Xing Duan*, Bin Deng, Xi-Cheng Liu, Qiang-Zhe Zhang, Zheng Liu, and Hong-Xuan He.“Isolation and Identification of a New Thymic Peptide from Calf Thymus”, Biochemistry(Moscow) 2004, 69(8): 921-925.
  6. HongXuan HE, BaoHua ZHAO, LiYan LIU,Kai ZHOU, XiMing QIN, QiangZhe ZHANG, Xi LI, ChangXue ZHENG, and MingXing DUAN*.“The Humoral and Cellular Immune Responses in Mice Induced by DNA Vaccine Expressing the Sporozoite Surface Protein of Cryptosporidium parvum”, DNA AND CELL BIOLOGY Vol.23, No.5, P335-339(2004).
  7. Zhang Qiang-Zhe, Qin Xi-Ming,Dong Hai-Li, Liang Rong, He Hong-Xuan,Li Xi, Jiang Bei-Yu, Liu Xiang-Jun, Duan Ming-Xing*.“Efficient Protection of H5N1 Influenza Virus DNA Vaccine Delivering by Electroporation in Mammalian and Avian System”, Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics Vol.32 No.8 p726-733 (2005).
  8. Hongxuan HE, Yi Tang, Ximing Qin, Wenbo XU, Yifei Wang , Xiangjun Liu, Xingyou Liu, Sheng Xiong, Jiuxiang Li, Meiying Zhang, Mingxing DUAN*.“Construction of a eukaryotic expression plasmid encoding partial S gene fragments of the SARS- CoV and its potential utility as a DNA vaccine”. DNA and Cell Biology Aug 2005 Vol.24, No.8 516-520.
  9. Er-li MA, Hong MA, Zheng LIU, Chang-xue ZHENG, Ming-xing DUAN* “ In vitro and in vivo evaluation of a novel oral insulin formulation” Acta Pharmacologica Sinica 2006 Oct,27(10):1382-1388
  10. Kai Zhou, Hongxuan He ∗, YanyunWu, Mingxing Duan ∗ “RNA interference of avian influenza virus H5N1 by inhibiting viral mRNA with siRNA expression plasmids” Journal of Biotechnology 135£®2008£©140-144
  11. Chengmin Wang, Hongxuan He ∗, Mingxing Duan“Development and evaluation of a recombinant CP23 antigen-based ELISA for serodiagnosis of Cryptosporidium parvum ” Experimental Parasitology 121£®2009£©157-162
  12. Jieli Deng,Zhonghan Sheng,Kai Zhou, Mingxing Duan ∗, Chu-yi Yu ∗, and Long Jiang ∗ “Construction of Effective Receptor for Recognition of Avion Influenza H5N1 Protein HA1 by Assembly of Monohead Glycolipids on Polydiacetylene” Bioconjugate Chemistry Vo.20 No.3 P533-537 (2009)
  13. Huafeng Zhou,Yang Yue,Guanlan Liu, Yan Li, Jing Zhang, Qiu Gong,Zemin yan,Mingxing Duan∗ “Preparation and Characterization of a Lecithin Nanoemulsion as a Topical Delivery System” Nanoscale Research Letter (2010) 5:224–230.
  14. Yang Yue, Huafeng Zhou, Guanlan Liu, Yan Li, Zemin Yan, Mingxing Duan∗ “The advantages of a novel CoQ10 delivery system in skin photo-protection”International Journal of Pharmaceutics 392(2010)57-63
  15. Huafeng Zhou, Yang Yue, Guanlan Liu, Yan Li, Jing Zhang, Zemin Yan, Mingxing Duan∗ “Characterisation and skin distribution of lecithin based coenzyme Q10-loaded lipid nanocapsules ” Nanoscale Research Letter (2010) 5:1561-1569

Secretary of The Ocean Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Branch of The Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (2008)
Senior Member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Society
Member of Chinese Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Society
Editorial board member of Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal, (2006)
Editorial board member of Journal of Modern Scientific Instruments, (2006)

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