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Haixiao Gao

Haixiao Gao, Ph.D.

Professional Experience:
1997-2000, Ph.D, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2000-2006, Research Associate, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Wadsworth Center
2006-2008, Research Scientist, Health Research Inc., Wadsworth Center

Research Interests:
Research in my laboratory aims to elucidate the structure and function of important macromolecules and assemblies that are amenable to cryo-electron microscopy. We are also interested in the general methodology development of data mining in cryo-EM, especially explorations of various classification methods in the study of structural dynamics using cryo-EM.

Selected publications

  • Shaikh,T.R., Gao, H, Baxter, W.T., Asturias, F.J., Boisset, N., Leith, A., Frank, J. (2008) SPIDER image processing for single-particle reconstruction of biological macromolecules from electron micrographs. Nat. Protoc. 3,1941-1974.
  • Frank, J., Gao, H., Sengupta, J., Gao, N., and Taylor, D. (2007) The process of mRNA-tRNA translocation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA). 104,19671-19678.
  • Gao, H., Zhou, Z., Rawat, U., Huang, C., Bouakaz, L., Wang, C., Cheng, Z., Liu, Y., Zavialov, A., Gursky,R., Sanyal, S., Ehrenberg, M., Frank, J., and Song, H. (2007) RF3 induces ribosomal conformational changes responsible for dissociation of class-I release factors. Cell 129, 929-941.
  • Scheres, S., Gao, H., Valle, M., Herman, G.T., Eggermont, P.P.B., Frank, J., and Carazo, J.M. (2007) Disentangling conformational states of macromolecules in three-dimensional cryo-EM through likelihood optimization. Nat. Methods 4, 27-29.
  • Fu J, Gao H, Frank J. (2007) Unsupervised classification of single particles by cluster tracking in multi-dimensional space. J.Struct. Biol. 157,226-239.
  • Rawat U, Gao H, Zavialov A, Gursky R, Ehrenberg M, Frank J.(2006) Interactions of the release factor RF1 with the ribosome as revealed by cryo-EM. J. Mol. Biol. 357,1144-1153.
  • Gao, H., Juri Ayub, M., Levin, M.J., and Frank, J. (2005) Structure of the 80S ribosome from Trypanosoma cruzi reveals novel rRNA components. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA). 102, 10206-10211.
  • Gao, H., and Frank, J. (2005) Molding atomic structures into intermediate-resolution cryo-EM density maps of ribosomal complexes using real-space refinement. Structure 13, 401-406.
  • Gao, H., Valle, M., Ehrenberg, M., and Frank, J. (2004) Dynamics of EF-G interaction with the ribosome explored by classification of a heterogeneous cryo-EM dataset. J. Struct. Biol. 147, 283-290.
  • Gao, H., Sengupta, J., Valle, M., Korostelev, A., Eswar, N., Stagg, S.M., van Roey, P., Harvey, S.C., Agrawal, R.K., Sali, A., Chapman, M.S., and Frank, J. (2003) Study of the structural dynamics of the E. coli 70S ribosome using real-space refinement. Cell 113, 789-801.
  • Gao, H., Spahn, C.M.T., Grassucci, R.A., and Frank, J. (2002) An assay for local quality in cryo-electron micrographs of single particles. Ultramicroscopy 93, 169-178.

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