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Shuping Zhang




Shuping Zhang£¬Ph.D.



1998, China Agricultural University, Ph.D.;

1998-2002, Tsinghua University£¬University of Georgia, Yale University, post-doctoral fellow/visiting scholar;

2000-Present, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University.


Research field and interests

To understand the molecular mechanism of cell signaling using mammalian cells and mouse model, especially focusing on two aspects: 1. The function of MGARP gene; 2. The function of NOK/STYK1 in tumorigenesis and metastasis and the cellular signaling network.


Selected publications (Corresponding author)

  1. NOK/STYK1 promotes the genesis and remodeling of blood and lymphatic vessels during tumor progression.Liu Y, Li T, Hu D, Zhang S(P). Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2016, 478(1):254-9.
  2. Jia L, Liang T, Yu X, Ma C, Zhang S(P). MGARP regulates mouse neocortical development via mitochondrial positioning. Mol Neurobiol. 2014, 49(3):1293–1308.
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  4. Jin D, Li R, Mao D, Luo N, Wang Y, Chen S, Zhang S(P). Mitochondria-localized glutamic acid-rich protein (MGARP) gene transcription is regulated by Sp1. PloS ONE. 2012 , 7 ( 11) e50053
  5. Li J, Wu F, Sheng F, Li YJ, Jin D, Ding X, Zhang S(P). NOK/STYK1 interacts with GSK-3β and mediates Ser9 phosphorylation through activated Akt. FEBS letters. 2012( 586) 3787–3792
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