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Xiufang Zhang

ZHANG Xiufang  Professor

1964-1970 B.S., Dept. of Electric Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
1978-1980 M.S., Dept. of Engineering Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.
Research Experience:
1970-1978, Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Automation, Tsinghua University
1980-1986, Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, Tsinghua University
1987-1990, Associate Professor, Dept..of Biological Science & Biotechnology, TsinghuaUniversity
1990-1992, Visiting scholar, Medical School, University of Parma, Parma, Italy
1992- Present, Full Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University

Interested field
Molecular & Cell Biophysics, Biological Polymer Spectroscopy, Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering. The studies are focused on basic scientific problems on biomedical materials and tissue engineering as follows:
Adsorption of the relative extracellular matrix molecules such as laminin and fibronectin on the surface of materials, the change of the molecules in the structures and function after they have been adsorbed, the relation between the physical, chemical properties and surface topology structure of biomaterials and protein adsorption, structures and functions, how does a material affect attachment, spread and growth of some cells on its surface, the roles of extracellular matrix molecules such as laminin and fibronectin in attachment, spread and growth of cells. The mechanism of regenerate/repair of wounded human tissues such as nerves or bones, stem cell cultures and preparation and evaluation of scaffold material in tissue engineering, and so on.

Selected Publications
1.Zhenhuan Zheng, Ling Zhang, Lijun Kong, Aijun Wang, Yandao Gong, Xiufang Zhang, The behavior of MC3T3-E1 cells on chitosan/poly-L-lysine composite films: Effect of nanotopography, surface chemistry, and wettability, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A, May 2009,89A(2):453-465
2.LU Guangyuan, SHENG Baiyang, WANG Gan, WEI Yujun ZHANG Lihai, GONG Yandao, ZHANG Xiufang, Controlling the degradation of covalently cross-linked carboxymethyl chitosan utilizing bimodal molecular weight distribution, Journal of Biomaterials Applications, Mar. 2009,23(5):435-451
3.Guangyuan Lu, Baiyang Sheng, Yujun Wei, Gan Wang, Lihai Zhang, Yandao Gong, Xiufang Zhang,  Collagen Nanofiber-Covered Porous Biodegradable Carboxymethyl Chitosan Microcarriers for Tissue Engineering Cartilage, European Polymer Journal, Sept. 2008, 44(9):2820-2829
4.Aijun Wang, Qiang Ao , Yujun Wei, Kai Gong, Xuesong Liu, Nanming Zhao, Yandao Gong, Xiufang Zhang, Physical properties and biocompatibility of a porous chitosan-based fiber-reinforced conduit for nerve regeneration, Biotechnology Letters, Nov. 2007, 29(11):1697-1702
5.Lijun Kong, Yuan Gao, Guangyuan Lu, Yandao Gong,Nanming Zhao, Xiufang Zhang£¬A study on the bioactivity of chitosan/nano-hydroxyapatite composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering£¬European Polymer Journal, December,2006,42(12):3171-3179
6.Aijun Wang, Qiang Ao, Wenling Cao, Mingzhi Yu, Qing He, Lijun Kong, Ling Zhang, Yandao Gong, Xiufang Zhang, Porous chitosan tubular scaffolds with knitted outer wall and controllable inner structure for nerve tissue engineering, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A, October 2006, 79A(1): 36-46
7.Yuan Gao; Li jun Kong; Ling Zhang; Yan dao Gong; Guo qiang Chen; Nan ming Zhao; XF Zhang, Improvement of mechanical properties of poly (DL-lactide) films by blending of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate- co-3-hydroxyhexanoate), European Polymer Journal, April, 2006,42(4):764-775
8.Qiang Ao, Aijun Wang, Wenling Cao, Ling Zhang, Lijun Kong, Qing He, Yandao Gong, Xiufang Zhang, Manufacture of multi-microtubule chitosan nerve conduits with novel molds and characterization in vitro, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A,April,2006,77A(1):11-18
9.Jing Li, Huan Yun, Yandao Gong, Nanming Zhao, Xiufang Zhang£¬Investigation of MC3T3-E1 Cell Behavior on the Surface of GRGDS-coupled Chitosan£¬Biomacromolecules, April, 2006, 7(4):1112-1123
10.Ling Zhang, Qiang Ao, Aijun Wang, Guangyuan Lu, Lijun Kong, Yandao Gong, Nanming Zhao, and Xiufang Zhang, A sandwich tubular scaffold derived from chitosan for blood vessel tissue engineering, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A, May,2006, 77A(2):277-284
11.Yue Chen, Ying-Hua Li, Xi-Ping Chen, Li-Min Gong, Shu-Ping Zhang, Zhi-Jie Chang, Xiu-Fang Zhang, Xin-Yuan Fu, Li Liu£¬Point Mutation at Single Tyrosine Residue of Novel Oncogene NOK Abrogates Tumorigenesis and Metastasis in Nude Mice£¬Cancer Research£¬December, 2005,65(23): 10838-10846
12.Jing Li, Huan Yun, Yandao Gong, Nanming Zhao, Xiufang Zhang, Effects of surface modification of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBHHx) on physicochemical properties and on interactions with MC3T3-E1 cells, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A, December, 2005£¬75A(4): 985-998
13.Lijun Kong, Yuan Gao, Wenling Cao, Yandao Gong, Nanming Zhao, Xiufang Zhang, Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan Composite Scaffolds, Journal of Biomedical Material Research, Part A, November, 2005£¬75A(2):275-282
14.Wenling Cao, Mingyu Cheng, Qiang Ao, Yandao Gong, Nanming Zhao and Xiufang Zhang, The study on the physical, mechanical and degradation properties and Schwann cell affinity of crosslinked chitosan films, Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition,June 2005, 16(6):791-807
15.YANG Ming, ZHU Shanshan, CHEN Yue, CHANG Zhijie, CHEN Guoqiang, GONG Yandao,  ZHAO Nanming, ZHANG Xiufang, Studies on Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Affinity of Poly (3-Hydroxybutyrate- co-3-Hydroxyhexanoate), Biomaterials, 2004,25(7-8):1365-1373
16.Cheng Mingyu, Cao Wenling, Gao Yuan, Gong Yandao, Zhao Nanming, Zhang Xiufang£¬Studies on nerve cell affinity of biodegradable modified chitosan films£¬Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition,2003, 14(10):1155-1167
17.Cheng Mingyu, Deng Jinguang, Yang Fei, Gong Yandao, Zhao Nanming, Zhang Xiufang, Study on physical properties and nerve cell affinity of composite films from chitosan and gelatin solutions, Biomaterials, 2003, 24(17): 2871-2880
18.Zhang M, Li XH, Gong YD, Zhao NM, Zhang XF, Properties and Biocompatibility of Chitosan Films Modified by Blending with PEG, Biomaterials, 2002, 23:2641-2648
19.Gong Haipeng, Zhong Yinghui, Li Jianchun, Gong Yandao, Zhao Nanming and Zhang Xiufang, Studies on nerve cell affinity of chitosan-derived materials, J Biomed Mater Res, 2000, 52(2): 285-295

Biophysical Society of China 1987-
Biological Engineering Society of China 1995-
Biomaterials Society of China 2002-

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