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Xueming Li

Xueming Li, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Tenure-track assistant professor


1998-2002   B.S.  University of Science and Technology Beijing

2002-2005   M.S.  University of Science and Technology Beijing

2005-2009   Ph.D.  Institute of Physics, CAS

2009-2013   Postdoc  University of California, San Francisco

2014-present  Principal Investigator  School of Life Sciences; Tsinghua-Peking Joint Center for Life Sciences; Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology, Tsinghua University


Main Research Fields:

We focus on the theoretical and methodological development of electron cryo-microscopy(CryoEM) and its application in structural biology to address important biological questions. We are particularly interested in developing and applying novel image processing technology to advance CryoEM for routine atomic-resolution structure analysis of biological macromolecules. In biology, we are working on the structural and functional mechanism of bacterial secretion system.




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In Physics and material science

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