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Zhucheng Chen

Zhucheng Chen, Ph.D.
Professor, Young 1000-Talent Plan

1998      NanKai University, China              B.S.

2001      Peking University, China               M.S.

2003      New York University, USA             M.S.

2008      Cornell University, USA                 Ph.D.

2011      UT Southwestern Medical Center, USA Postdoc

Research Interests
Structure, function and regulation of proteins in cell division and cell migration. Major research topics: 1) prokaryotic cytoskeleton 2) Assembly of actin cytoskeleton and its regulation in cancer metastasis 3) Molecular machinery of cytokinesis

Selected Publications

1.        Liu X#, Li M#, Xia X#, Li X*., Chen Z*. Mechanism of chromatin remodeling revealed by the Snf2-nucleosome structure. Nature (2017, In press)

2.        Guan R, Zhang L, Su Q P, Mickolajczyk KJ, Chen GY, Hancock WO, Sun Y. Zhao Y, Chen Z* Crystal structure of Zen4 in the apo state reveals a missing conformation of kinesin. Nature Communication (2017, In press)

3.        Yan L#, Wang L#, Tian Y, Xia X, Chen Z*. Structure and regulation of the chromatin remodeler ISWI. Nature 540(7633):466-469, 2016

4.        Qin Y, Tan C, Lin, J, Qin Q, He J, Wu, Q, Cai Y, Chen Z*, Dai J*. EcoExpress – a highly efficient construction and expression of multicomponent protein complexes in Escherichia coli. ACS Synth Biol. 5(11):1239-1246, 2016

5.        Xu P#, Li C#, Chen Z, Jiang S, Fan S, Wang J, Dai J, Zhu P*, Chen Z* The NuA4 core complex acetylates nucleosomal histone H4 through a double recognition mechanism. Mol. Cell. 63 (6):965-75, 2016

6.        Cao T, Sun L, Jiang Y, Huang S, Wang J, Chen Z*. Crystal structure of a nuclear actin ternary complex. PNAS.113(32): 8985-90, 2016

7.        Xia X#, Liu X#, Li T, Fang, X, Chen Z*. Structure of chromatin remodeler Swi2/Snf2 in the resting state. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 23(8):722-9, 2016

8.        Xu X, Lin A, Zhou C, Blackwell SR, Zhang Y, Wang Z, Feng Q, Guan R, Hanna MD, Chen Z*, Xiao W*. Involvement of budding yeast Rad5 in translesion DNA synthesis through physical interaction with Rev1. Nucleic Acids Res. 44(11): 5231-45, 2016

9.        Mi N, Chen Y, Wang S, Chen M, Zhao M, Yang G, Ma M, Su Q, Luo S, Shi J, Xu J, Guo Q, Gao N, Sun Y, Chen Z*, Yu L*. CapZ regulates autophagosomal membrane shaping by promoting actin assembly inside the isolation membrane. Nat Cell Biol. 17(9):1112-23, 2015

10.    Sun L, Guan R, Lee IJ, Liu Y, Chen M, Wang J, Wu JQ, Chen Z*. Mechanistic insights into the anchorage of the contractile ring by anillin and Mid1. Dev Cell. 33(4):413-26, 2015

11.    Chen B, Brinkmann K, Chen Z, Pak CW, Liao Y, Shi S, Henry L, Grishin NV, Bogdan S, Rosen MK The WAVE Regulatory Complex Links Diverse Receptors to the Actin Cytoskeleton Cell. 156(1-2):195-207, 2014

12.    Zahm JA, Padrick SB, Chen Z, Pak CW, Yunus AA, Henry L, Tomchick DR, Chen Z, Rosen MK The bacterial effector VopL organizes actin into filament-like structures Cell. 155(2):423-34, 2013

13.    Liu X#, Li M#, Xia X#, Li X., Chen Z*. Mechanism of chromatin remodelling revealed by the Snf2-nucleosome structure Nature 544 (7651):440-445, 2017

14.    Guan R, Zhang L, Su Q P, Mickolajczyk KJ, Chen GY, Hancock WO,    Sun Y.   Zhao Y, Chen Z* Crystal structure of Zen4 in the apo state reveals a missing conformation of kinesin Nature Communication 8:14951, 2017

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