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JiSong Guan

Ji-Song Guan Ph.D



2001-2006   Ph.D., Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences      1997-2001   B.S., Department of Biochemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing,

Brief Chronology of Employment

May.2011-present    Investigator, Tsinghua-BeiJing Center for Life Sciences

Jan.2011-present     Professor, School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University

2007-Dec.2010        postdoctoral research fellow, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research, Broad Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Nov.2006-Dec.2010   postdoctoral research fellow, The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 

 Research interests:

Neurological defects in memory lead to the loss of selfness, the loss of one’s life history, and the loss of enduring interactions with others, which can be seen in various diseases, such as Alzheimers's disease, Schizophrenia and Mental Retardation. The current research interest of our lab is to explore the activity dynamics at molecular, cellular and circuitry level within cortical circuits that underlies the encoding, storage and recall of specific information in mammalian brain.

Research areas:

1. Epigenetic mechanisms underlying cellular memory: a) Activation induced epigenetic regulation on neuronal excitability and plasticity. b) Epigenetic mechanisms on the maintenance of cellular memory. c) Epigenetic abnormalities in Alzheimers's disease, Schizophrenia and Mental Retardation.

2. Circuit mechanism for memory coding: a) To develop new molecular probes and software analysis tools to monitor neuronal activity dynamics in free-moving mice during learning. b) Cortical representation and storage of the integrated multi-sensory information. c) Biological coding based Brain-Machine Interface. To establish the information transition between the brain-network and the machine, using the brain orientated decoding and encoding mechanisms via optogenetic approaches and optical imaging approaches.

Selected Publications:

1.       Hong Xie, Yu Liu, Youzhi Zhu, Xinlu Ding, Yuhao Yang, Ji-Song Guan#. In vivo imaging of immediate early gene expression reveals layer-specific memory traces in the mammalian brain. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Feb 18;111(7):2788-93.

2.        Seo, J., Giusti-Rodriguez, P., Zhou, Y., Rudenko, A., Cho, S., Ota, K.T., Park, C., Patzke, H., Madabhushi, R., Pan, L. Mungenast AE, Guan JS, Delalle I, Tsai LH. Activity-Dependent p25 Generation Regulates Synaptic Plasticity and Abeta-Induced Cognitive Impairment. Cell. 2014 Apr 10;157(2):486-98.  

  1. Hong Xie, JiSong Guan, Laura A. Borrelli, Jing Xu, Alberto Serrano-Pozo, and Brian J. Bacskai, Mitochondrial Alterations near Amyloid Plaques in an Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model. J. Neuroscience, 2013, 33(43):17042-17051
  2. Zhang J, Cao Q, Li S, Lu X, Zhao Y, Guan JS, Chen JC, Wu Q, Chen GQ.3-hydroxybutyrate methyl ester as a potential drug against Alzheimer's disease via mitochondria protection mechanism. Biomaterials. 2013 Oct;34(30):7552-62.
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  5. Guan JS*, Su SC*, Gao J, Joseph N, Xie Z, Zhou Y, Durak O, Zhang L, Zhu JJ, Clauser KR, Carr SA, Tsai LH. Cdk5 Is Required for Memory Function and Hippocampal Plasticity via the cAMP Signaling Pathway. PLoS One. 2011; 6(9): e25735.  Epub 2011 Sep 30.

8.       Shao-Qiu He*, Zhen-Ning Zhang*, Ji-Song Guan*, Hong-Rui Liu, Bo Zhao, Hai-Bo Wang, Qian Li, Hong Yang, Jie Luo, Zi-Yan Li, Lan Bao & Xu Zhang. Facilitation of μ-Opioid Receptor Activity by Preventing δ-Opioid Receptor-Mediated Co-Degradation. Neuron, 2011

9.       Jun Gao*, Wen-Yuan Wang*, Ying-Wei Mao, Johannes Gra¨ff, Ji-Song Guan, Ling Pan, Gloria Mak, Dohoon Kim, Susan C. Su & Li-Huei Tsai. A novel pathway regulates memory and plasticity via SIRT1 and miR-134. Nature, 466(7310):1105-9 2010

10.   Ji-Song Guan*, Stephen J. Haggarty*, Emanuela Giacometti*, Jan-Hermen Dannenberg*, Nadine Joseph, Jun Gao, Thomas J.F. Nieland, Ying Zhou, Xinyu Wang, Ralph Mazitschek, James E. Bradner, Ronald A. DePinho, Rudolf Jaenisch, Li-Huei Tsai. HDAC2 negatively regulates memory formation and synaptic plasticity. Nature 459(7243): 55-60; May 2009 (full research article)

11.   Dohoon Kim, Christopher L. Frank, Matthew M. Dobbin, Rachel K. Tsunemoto, Weihong Tu, Peter L. Peng, Ji-Song Guan, Byung-Hoon Lee, Lily Y. Moy, Paola Giusti, Nisha Broodie, Ralph Mazitschek, Ivanna Delalle, Stephen J. Haggarty, Rachael L. Neve, YouMing Lu and Li-Huei Tsai. Deregulation of HDAC1 by p25/Cdk5 in Neurotoxicity. Neuron 60(5):803-17; Dec 2008

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14.      Lan Bao*, Shan-Xue Jin*, Chen Zhang*, Li-Hua Wang, Zhen-Zhong Xu, Fang-Xiong Zhang, Lie-Chen Wang, Feng-Shou Ning, Hai-Jiang Cai, Ji-Song Guan, Hua-Sheng Xiao, Zhi-Qing D. Xu, Cheng He, Tomas Hökfelt, Zhuan Zhou, and Xu Zhang. Activation of Delta Opioid Receptors Induces Receptor Insertion and Neuropeptide Secretion. Neuron 37, 121-133,2003

15.   Xu Zhang, Lan Bao, Ji-Song Guan. Role of delivery and trafficking of δ-opioid receptors in opioid analgesia and tolerance. Trends in pharmacological sciences , 27 (6): 324-329 JUN 2006 (Review)

* co-first author; #corresponding author


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