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Zihe Rao


 Zihe Rao, Ph.D
Professor, Member of CAS

Main research fields:
Zihe Rao is mainly engaged in the study of the three-dimensional structures of significant proteins related to human disease or with important physiological functions, as well as in innovative drug discovery.
Selected Publications:
  1. Rao Z, Belyaev A, Fry E, Jones I, Roy P & Stuart D. 1995. Crystal Structure of SIV Matrix Antigen and its Implications for Virus Assembly.Nature378(6558): 743-747
  2. Rao Z, Handford P, Mayhew M, Knott V, Brownlee G & Stuart D. 1995. The Structure of a Calcium Binding Epidermal Growth Factor-like Domain - its Role in Protein-Protein Interactions. Cell, 82(1): 131-141
  3. Sun F, Huo X, Zhai YJ, Wang AJ, Xu JX, Su D, Bartlam M & Rao Z*. 2005. Crystal Structure of Mitochondrial Respiratory Membrane Protein Complex Άς. Cell, 121: 1043-1057
  4. Yuan P, Bartlam M, Lou Z, Chen S, Zhou J, He X, Lv Z, Ge R, Li X, Deng T, Fodor E, Rao Z* & Liu Y*. 2009. Crystal structure of an avian influenza polymerase PA(N) reveals an endonuclease active site. Nature, 458(7240):909-13
  5. He X, Zhou J, Bartlam M, Zhang R, Ma J, Lou Z, Li X, Li J, Joachimiak A., Zeng Z, Ge R, Rao Z* & Liu YF*. 2008. Crystal structure of the polymerase PA(C)-PB1(N) complex from an avian influenza H5N1 virus Nature, 454(7208):1123-6.
  6. Zhai Y, Sun F, Li X, Pang H, Xu X, Bartlam M, & Rao Z*. 2005. Structural insights into coronavirus transcription/replication from the crystal structure of the SARS-CoV hexadecameric nsp7•nsp8 super-complex. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 12(11): 980-986
  7. Yang H, Xie WQ, Xue XY, Yang KL, Ma J, Liang WX, Zhao Q, Zhou Z, Pei DQ, J. Ziebuhr, R. Hilgenfeld, K. Y. Yuen, Wong L., Gao GX, Chen SJ, Chen Z, Ma DW, Bartlam M & Rao Z*. 2005. Design of Wide-Spectrum Inhibitors Targeting Coronavirus Main Proteases. PLoS Biology, 3(10):e324, 1742-1752
  8. Wu B, Li P, Liu Y, Lou Z, Ding Y, Shu C, Ye S, Bartlam M, Shen B* & Rao Z*. 2004. 3D structure of human FK506-binding protein 52: implications for the assembly of the glucocorticoid receptor/Hsp90/immunophilin heterocomplex. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA., 101(22): 8348-8353
  9. Yang H, Yang M, Ding Y, Liu Y, Lou Z, Sun L, Zhou Z, Ye S, Pang H, Gao G, Anand K, Bartlam M, Hilgenfeld R & Rao Z*. 2003. The Crystal Structures of SARS Virus Main Protease Mpro and Its Complex with an Inhibitor.Proc Natl Acad Sci USA., 100(23): 13190-13195
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  11. Zhang W, Wang L, Liu Y, Xu J, Zhu G, Cang H, Li X, Bartlam M, Hensley K, Li G, Rao Z* & Zhang XC. 2009. Structure of human lanthionine synthetase C-like protein 1 and its interaction with Eps8 and glutathione. Genes Dev. 23(12):1387-92
  12. Bartlam M, Yang H & Rao Z*. 2005. Structural insights into SARS coronavirus proteins. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 15: 664-672 (Review)
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